Thursday, December 10, 2015

Books... Books... Books...

                O! Jerusalem!... Yes, I am reading O! Jerusalem! by Dominique Lampierre and Larry Collins. It's an interesting and unbelievable book. The book starts with the UN decision of partition of Palestine and the internationalization of Jerusalem. And it's the saga of Arabs and Jews fighting for their country and existence and the ultimate battle for the holy city Jerusalem. I have completed five chapters and it's gripping.  It’s a real page turner if you really want to know what happened back there.

                I have read their other works like Freedom at Midnight, City of Joy, Five Past Midnight in Bhopal, The Fifth Horseman, Is Paris Burning? and Is New York Burning? (Some of them are written by Lampierre and Javier Moro). And I have all those books in my library except The Fifth Horseman.  Freedom at Midnight is a great book. But O! Jerusalem! is different. The tension and rage between Jews and Arabs. The Palestine- Israel blood soaked conflict is still hot and the book tells the history. Just started  and I am all adrenaline rush. The only thing I am struggling with is the time for reading.  I think you guys want to try this book. It's worth reading (I can tell you that even before I finish the book).

                Recently I bought a lot of books and all are in queue eagerly waiting to be read. Now I stopped buying books since last month because the queue gets longer and longer every month. Is that a good sign or bad? I don't know.
                You wanna peep into the queue? Here it is..

                1. Clockwork Orange
                2. Christ Recrusified
                3. The Reversal
                4. The Power and The Glory
                5. Savage Detectives
                6. Charamavarshikam

                I think you've heard first, second, fourth and fifth. Clockwork orange by Anthony Burgess, Christ Recrucified by Nikos Kazantzakis, The Power and The Glory by Graham Green and Savage Detectives By Roberto Bolano. The third one is Mickey Haller and Detective Bosch series by Michael Connelly. He is my favourite crime-fiction author. The author of The Lincoln Lawyer,  Blood Work and The Poet. If you love crime fiction here is my favourites. Michael Connelly,  Dennis Lehane and Ian Rankin. If I ever want to slide off from serious reading these three would be my picks. The last one is a Malayalam novel by K P Ramanunni.
So that's it. This blog is just to remind myself that I need to find more time for my reads and it's also for you to suggest me some good books.

Over and out.