Thursday, December 27, 2012


കാണുമ്പോള്‍ തന്നെ
ചോര കട്ടപിടിച്ചു
ഓരോ കവിതയും...
ഒന്നുകില്‍ എന്‍റെ ഹൃദയരക്തം കൊണ്ട്
അല്ലെങ്കില്‍ നിന്‍റെ ആര്‍ത്തവരക്തം കൊണ്ട്...
അതുമല്ലെങ്കില്‍ ഏതെങ്കിലും തെണ്ടിയുടെ
ജീവിതച്ചോര കൊണ്ട്...


നീണ്ടുനിവര്‍ന്നു കിടക്കുന്നു..
പറയാന്‍ ബാക്കിവെച്ച
പ്രണയം മുഴുവന്‍
തേങ്ങിക്കരഞ്ഞു കിടപ്പുണ്ട്‌.....

And at last decided to publish some personal stuff here.


Life is Elsewhere

Five or six months before i read life is elsewhere by Milan Kundera. Almost a dozen things caught my eye. The one thing that completely struck my mind is this:

"For a poem to be a poem it must be read by someone other than the auther; only then can it be proved that the poem is something more than simply a private diary in code and that it is capable of living its own life, independent of whoever has written it."

When i read something i don't use percentage term to agree or disagree any point of views. I simply agree or disagree. It's the first time in my life i get confused. i googled about this quote. No one said anything and if someone did, i didn't find any.

What you think? agree or disagree? What if you are writing all those stuff just for your own happiness?

Saturday, January 14, 2012


I was a blogger since 2007. And I wrote zero blogs to achieve the immense pleasure of blogging. And the worst part is i tried to post my first blog, Nothing.. Really.., which has nothing in it except that tittle.

People say everything happening in this world is for a reason. Two or three months before i shopped Gravity as a twitter client to enrich my social-networking-life. Of course using my elder brother, Lee's credit card. So you can easily log on to twitter, facebook, foursquare, Google reader etc. And i thought seriously about blogging again.

But gravity is not the beginning. My family knows I've a habit of scribbling whenever i feel dumbness. My brother Lee gave me the idea of blogging and who is a blogger too.( for me he is not just a blogger he is my role model). But the inspiration actually came from Harishettan, Lee's friend, who is a tremendous blogger and also a guru in my favorite hobby reading.

Writing is a heavenly thing. If the words coming through your fingers from your heart, you are blessed. I love them. I admire them.

OK. No more dragging. This blog- I know you are not going to call this a blog- is just a foreword to my coming blogs. Will write something interesting next time.

Thank you.